Top Digital Planning Tools and Apps

Everyone has their own preference on what digital planning tools and apps they use. There are so many variables into making that decision from the device you're using to personal interests.

It can get a little overwhelming when you first start digital planning since you have no idea where to begin! That's why I put together this article.

Read on to find out my favorite digital planning tools and apps plus many favorites of my customers!

Digital Planning Tools

The tools you will use will depend on what operating system you prefer. Below we're going to discuss the top tools for iOS, Android, and Microsoft. 

iOS (Apple)

iPad Pro 12.9

The iPad Pro 12.9 is my favorite iPad model. I love the larger screen for digital planning! But some people prefer a smaller screen so it easily fits in their smaller purse. In that case, I recommend the iPad Air. 

Check out the iPad Pro 12.9!

Check out the iPad Air!

Apple Pencil

If you're digital planning on an iPad than an Apple Pencil is a must. There are some differences in the 1st and 2nd generation pencils, but the biggest one to note is that the 1st generation pencil doesn't work with newer devices and the 2nd generation pencil doesn't work with older devices. 

Make sure to check and see which generation pencil is compatible with your particular device before purchasing.

Check out the 1st gen!

Check out the 2nd gen!

Magic Keyboard

This isn't a necessity for digital planning but it's AMAZING! I really like mine because I work from home and it's easier to bring my iPad with me when I'm out and about rather than bringing my laptop since it's smaller. 

Check it out!

Paperlike Screen Protector

Switching from paper to digital planning can feel very foreign. That's one reason why many digital planners resemble paper planners (not all do)... to help the user feel more "at home". 

A screen protector that adds friction and resistance to the screen is a great way to give your iPad a paper like feel. The Paperlike brand is a great choice for screen protectors.

Check it out!

iPad Stand

An iPad/tablet stand is a great way to avoid "tech neck" which happens from looking down at your device too much. This stand is a great choice!

Check it out!

Pencil Grips

Pencil grips are fun and also minimize hand fatigue during long periods of writing. I have the one below and really like how comfortable in feels in my hand.

Check it out!

Pencil Holder

Now why this one certainly isn't a necessity, it just looks awesome on your desk! Done using your pencil and struggle with losing it? A pencil holder will be your BFF!

Check it out!


Samsung S7+

While I'm not personally an Android user as I'm an Apple lover, this S7 and other "S" models are very popular in the digital planning community!

Check it out!

S Pen Pro

Just like the Apple Pencil is a must for Apple users, the S Pen Pro was created to easily connect to all of your Galaxy devices. 

Check it out!

Adonit Dash

Another great options for Android users and even Apple users is the Adonit Dash. It's a great capacitive stylus that is very versatile. 

Check it out!


Microsoft Surface Pro

If you're wanting to use a Microsoft device, then the Microsoft Surface Pro is a great option and many people enjoy digital planning with this device.

Check it out!

Metapen Stylus Pen

This stylus is one of the highest rated pens for a Microsoft Surface Pro and even has a 75 day battery life!

Check it out!

Digital Planning Apps

GoodNotes 6 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Noteshelf ✔️ ✔️
Notability ✔️
Penly ✔️
Xodo ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
ZoomNotes ✔️


Now that you have your digital planning tools and app, it's time to get your digital planner!

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